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Our attitude is that exercise, whatever exercise, is better than nothing. So get out there and move. That's what we promote.

But not all exercises give you the same results.

Intensity is important (It's probably the single biggest difference between programs that work and those that don't).

Strength is important. Are you effectively building your strength now?

What about flexibility?

What about long-term skill practice? Is someone checking your form for safety and improvement? There's actually a lot of subtle tips in a good squat, and a good deadlift, even in effective push-ups. Are you doing all of those correctly? Are you doing them at all?

Are using active recovery to make your whole workout program even better?

Are you developing real power? Explosive power that you get from dynamic lifts?

We're going to make a bold claim here:

CrossFit NYC is the best exercise you can do to promote complete health and fitness. 

 Whatever your fitness goal--strength, health, power, weight loss--there's nothing that's quite like CrossFit for fast, effective, sustainable results.

All you have to do is come in and see for yourself.

Why is CrossFit the best workout?

"Of the CrossFit locations in the city, CrossFit NYC (Black Box) is one of the most fundamentally sound and nerdy about the discipline. The schedule and amount of classes is massive. There are beginner, experienced, endurance, competition and olympic weightlifting classes. It's one of the few places that put an emphasis on rest and recovery as much as they put on strength and intensity.

I've met some of my favorite coaches here. It's an incredibly safe space for people to try out CrossFit."

-- Len Yeh -- 5 Star Google Review.


You can take our 4 Fundamentals classes where you will learn all the basics and get a workout too. If you're thinking about your fitness, or starting an exercise program, or losing weight, or getting better at your sport, this is a perfect way to start. 

It's a great introduction to CrossFit. And there is no better way to get in shape than by coming to CrossFit NYC where you'll discover a fantastic community, skilled coaches, and the  the most effective workout method. 

It's free.  Why not try it?

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This is what one of our members said on Google reviews.

*The fine print.

This offer does not apply to regular or specialty classes at CrossFit NYC. Current CrossFit NYC members cannot use this offer. Visiting CrossFitters from other affiliates cannot use this offer. This offer is for the 4 Fundamentals classes offered by CrossFit NYC. All 4 classes must be completed within one week of the first class taken.

It's free. What are you waiting for?

Your free week lets you take our 4 Fundamentals classes, which must be taken in order. See the fine print* below.

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